One SuperKid will be chosen each month to receive:

  • A ”Goodie Bag” from Daisy Button Believes
  • Their name and efforts featured across multiple social media platforms
  • A press release written about them and submitted to local and national media
  • The chance at our annual prize of a $1,000 Donation to their School for any program they choose.

Nominate a Kid you know Spreading Goodness in your Community.

Daisy and Friends are grateful for the kiddos who are contributing encouragement, updates, pictures, and wisdom to our clubhouse but we also know there are more kids everywhere, everyday Spreading Goodness! Here are a few of the kids we have highlighted in the past:

@bp4kidzAZ Kaitlyn is 12 and she noticed a lot of kids in her community struggling to get the school supplies they needed to learn. She started collecting some for them and filling backpacks. Now she even has we own website! Email her at if you can help or donate! High Five Kaitlyn!

@alex51 Alex is 10 and he noticed a lot of people in his town on the streets without even the ability to brush their teeth or clean themselves up to go to an interview or feel healthier. He started “Clean Start” and has already assembled and handed out 300 hygiene packs to those in need! You can email him at if you can help or donate. High Five Alex!

@aaleman Abaigal is 8.  She was crowned the 2015 International Junior Miss International Princess. With her title, she has been able to volunteer with several organizations and travel the world to places like London, Paris and Bahamas among several states. Most of all, she loves to volunteer her time to help the Food Bank of Delaware, Ronald McDonald House, Project Night Night and other organizations. She has started plans for her own organization called Abby’s Angels, an organization focusing on helping children in need. You can email Abby at

@hunterslawncare Hunter is 10 and realized the world and our community needs to take more pride in helping those that need help that cant get simple chores or mowing their yards done because they might be too old or disabled to do it themselves. When anyone asks him what his fee is, he tells them “what you can afford and think my job is worth when I am finished, that’s great with me.”   You can email Hunter at

@torrin Torrin is 13 and he and his brother realized how many kids are really sick in the hospital and really bored too. He started collecting games, movies and entertainment projects for them to work on. Here is a great story about what he does:  You can email Torrin at:

@bundleupclub The Bundle Up Club is a non-profit group founded by identical twins – Maddie and Morgan. They make (crochet, knit) hats, scarves, blankets (no-sew fleece) and other items for anyone who may be in need. They have made and donated hats, blankets, and scarves to homeless shelters/outreaches, a hospital children’s cancer center, a crisis pregnancy center (blankets and hats for babies), to a local foster closet that provides supplies for foster families, and to families who have had house fires.  You can learn more at:

@lleyton4h BrickDreams, a nationally recognized charity currently based in Folsom, California collects unwanted/unused LEGO, sorts them into empty tennis ball cans and works with local agencies in Northern California including child advocacy groups, to ensure a can is given to a child to keep.  As a victim, a child may need to leave a home quickly, often without a lot of things.  They can go to shelters and get clothes and toiletries, but not a transportable toy like LEGOs to help them escape their situation. BrickDreams was founded in 2012 by Bailey Snow of Granite Bay, CA. When Bailey left for college, the Rutz family of Folsom was honored when asked to take over accountability for continuing BrickDream’s mission and vision.  Today, brothers Lleyton and his twin brother Kyle, age 13, continue to deepen BrickDream’s impact on the local and national community.

@powerofrecycling Emma Dunham and her friends Marie Hanigan, Kylie Petersen, Tara Bonsall, Hannah Neemann have been working on implementing curbside recycling for their town in Dunlap, IA.  They started trying to increase recycling efforts in January 2014.  They went to multiple towns who have curbside recycling, researched curbside recycling, worked with the landfill, made multiple presentations to their city council, keep the public informed, survey their town for their opinions. They have raised 8,966 dollars for the startup of the program!

@averysart Avery loves to make art of all kinds. She makes cards and pictures and sells them for money to buy supplies those in need. She also takes donations and was recently recognized in her community as a super “Cool Kid” by a local radio station. You can learn more about Avery and her efforts on her Facebook page here:

@kidtime1 Tyler is the co-creator of Give Back to Veterans Day.  He started raising money for veterans in need when he was four years old so that he could purchase hygiene and grooming products to them which were delivered with thank you cards. In addition, he delivered a new computer to veterans in transition as a Christmas gift, so they can use it for employment searches. He is raising money for his cause here, learn more about Tyler here on his webpage:

@2pairseach Josh Berry, 9, and his family are collecting socks to give to the homeless. They have more than 200 pairs already as well as some donations to buy more. They have applied for a Local Leader Grant and so far in 17 months, he has collected over 12,000 pairs of brand new socks and 2,000 items of warm clothing and given them away to the homeless. You can email Josh at

@byd2016 Bright Young Dyslexics provides funding for tutoring and assistive technology for K-12 dyslexic students in Wisconsin. They also promote dyslexia awareness through simulation events and educational presentations. You can learn more about siblings Carter and Caragan by emailing

@curtfendley Curt Fendley, a 5th grader at Crockett Intermediate School in Texas, started Operation Empower in January 2017. Operation Empower is a group of 3rd–7th graders within the Boys and Girls Club of Paris developing leadership skills. Through hands-on experiences, they are learning real-life skills such as gardening and simple woodworking, etc. They are using these skills to improve their club and community. All their projects are planned and managed by the youth and are paid for by donations to Operation Empower. By doing this, Operation Empower is allowing the kids of the Boys and Girls Club to learn the value of volunteering and that they can make a difference in their community. They have made a substantial impact already by building tetherball sets, a gaga ball pit, and a vegetable garden for the Boys and Girls Club. You can learn more about Curt here:  or Follow Operation Empower here on Facebook: