Kids Who Like: Tennis, Reading and Feeding the Hungry

daisy-snapshotsKids Who Like: Tennis, Reading and Feeding the Hungry

7 Year old Zoe Started with a Food Drive at Parents Coffee shop

Zoe Hensley is a young lady with big ideas for helping others. In 2012, at age 7, Zoe asked her mom, Mindy, how people who don't have money get food. That simple question sparked a journey that continues today.
Zoe began her journey by organizing a food drive, held at SoZo Coffee Roasting & Espresso Bar, which her parents opened in 2007, to help local families in need. The drive collected non-perishable food items and was so successful that it inspired Zoe to hold "Zoe's Winter Drive," which collected winter coats and clothing. What started as a hope to get a few coats ended with overwhelming success.
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Katie’s Krops Feeds the Hungry Across the Country

Katie Stagliano never expected the little cabbage seedling she planted in her backyard five years ago would grow to a whopping 40 pounds, or that it would help feed nearly 300 hungry people in her South Carolina community, or that it would land her in the company of President Bill Clinton.
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