Kids Who Like: Reporting and Drama

page-snapshotsKids Who Like: Reporting and Drama

Teen Fashion Entrepreneur Partners with Skateboarders

AgentCali is a brand of street wear and athletic fashion created by teens for teens aka young adults. Fourteen year old Jeremy David Koven started working on the concept for AgentCali when he didn't receive a call back from a clothing company after approaching them about a partnership. Jeremy's vision is to create a social, fun, affordable, environmentally friendly, high quality and charitable fashion brand where the teen audience drives the looks, products, pricing and marketing in addition to sharing in the success of the business. A portion of the Company's profits are donated to support teen and young adult related causes.
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Positive Post It Campaign Responds to Bullies in the Best Way

When Canadian high school student Caitlin Prater-Haacke responded to bullying by putting up positive Post-it notes, her school responded by punishing her for “littering.” In other words, the world sucks. I mean, as far as high school administrators making ridiculous decisions, this is right up there with all the sexist dress code enforcement that comes up again and again and again and again. Seriously, administrators, get it together.
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