For Kids Who Like: Entrepreneurship, Business, and Helping Others

daisy-snapshotsFor Kids Who Like: Entrepreneurship, Business, and
Helping Others

8 Year Old Author writes The Chocolate Bar Book to raise Money for Friends Disease

Dylan Siegel reached his goal of raising $1 million toward finding a cure for his best friend’s rare liver disease, the “Chocolate Bar” author announced on ABC on Tuesday. “We are humbled by your love, generosity and support through this remarkable journey and thank you from the depths of our overwhelmed hearts," Team Chocolate Bar said in an emailed statement.
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10 Year old Builds Mr. Cory’s Cookies

You've heard of Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Jay-Z; all big names in the business world.
Now, meet Cory Nieves, a pint-sized entrepreneur who's making his name in cookies, one bite at a time, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.
Every Saturday, on the streets of Englewood, New Jersey, Nieves pulls his wagon cart around town, selling home-made cookies to loyal customers at boutiques, barbershops and car dealerships.
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