Meet Daisy and Friends

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Did you know there is a ENTIRE BOOK about Daisy and Friends?!


Here is the story line! See if it sounds familiar to you!

Page, the school reporter, gets assigned to write an article about questions kids would like answers to. When it appears that the students at their magnet school are more interested in issues going on in their world, than what they will be having for dinner or what's on t.v., Page brings the question to her group of friends at Daisy Button’s Clubhouse. Soon the group discussion gives Daisy an idea for their next Adventure – what if they could work with the Ecology Club from their school to create a Community Garden.  meetThen during the summer, the group could collaborate with her Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club to create a Backyard Market to sell some of the harvested fruits and vegetables, and donate the rest to the Center for Food Action. The newest member of the club is Basil Hobbs, a foster child that just moved into the house next door to Daisy Button. Daisy soon takes the shy and insecure Basil Hobbs under her wing and welcomes him as a member of their team. As the leader of the group, Daisy has created adventures in the past where she utilizes each of her friend’s strengths to achieve their goals. But this time they really want to make a difference by developing a small business and giving back to their community. Follow the group on their journey to create a community garden and the Backyard Market.

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One of the cool parts of being a Believer is that you get to connect wih Daisy and her friends about your idea/project! You are all different! So are Daisy and her friends! They have different backgrounds, different skin color, different hobbies, home environments, interests and talents. Its only by working as a team that they truly reach their potential.

 Read through the details about them and let us know who you want to hear from by clicking HERE and submitting your questions and stories of your own!

They are here to help you shine! 


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Daisy is the leader of the group, a member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), the Creator of their Adventures and a positive thinker who emphasizes the philosophy that “Anything is Possible” if you put your mind to it. Daisy is wide-eyed, creative, adventurous and fearless. She has dark brown hair and is usually seen with her hair in ponytails or a baseball cap. Whatever she wears usually has buttons on it, as her trademark. She carries around a pad and colored markers wherever she goes, to be ready when an idea comes to her. She is a dreamer, a doer and a writer. She loves writing stories with her good friend Holly, who illustrates their stories. Daisy is always coming up with ideas for adventures and then she gathers all the kids together and taps into each person’s talents to pull it off. She loves that all of her friends work as a team and has their own special gift to help with their adventure. Both Daisy’s parents are entrepreneurs. Her father is an author and her mother owns her own marketing business. Her father works out of his office in the house, so all the kids are always over there. He likes her friends and wants them to hang out as long as they don’t bother him when he’s writing. Her parents built her the ultimate Clubhouse in their backyard specifically for her adventures and for her friends to have a place to go. She is an only child with no brothers or sisters.


Medaisyet Cooper

Cooper Dominguez™ is an outgoing, athletic boy with black hair who loves sports especially football, basketball and baseball. He plays on the school teams as well as traveling teams.  He is obsessed with sports statistics and has a photographic memory.  He can recite players, teams and stats on everything with the NFL. But he is also very interested in cooking and watches all the cooking shows.  His favorite chef is Emeril. Cooper believes in eating healthy food, so he is always trying out recipes and sharing with his friends in the Clubhouse.  Cooper has a whole group of sports friends that he likes to play with, but he likes hanging out at the Clubhouse and being involved in the adventures that Daisy comes up with. Cooper lives with both his parents and was given the nickname CD by his dad.  His father is an attorney and his mother is an accountant.  And he has a younger sister who is 5.


Meet Basilbasil

Basil Hobbs™ has spent most of his life in foster care, moving from home to home.  He currently lives next door to Daisy Button in Mrs. Sheffield’s foster home.  Daisy has taken Basil under her wing and brought him into the Club.  Now the kids in the Clubhouse are like his family. Basil learned through his struggles that writing and expressing yourself is one of the best ways to get your feelings out.  He is great at sharing his ideas through blogging and he has also started being interested in photography.  Basil loves to be in nature, he cares about the environment and is intrigued with astronomy. Basil is the oldest of the kids in the foster homes.  He doesn’t know where his parents are.  He was abandoned and has been living in foster care since he was very young.  All Basil wants is to be part of a real family.



Meet Holly

Holly hollyBerry™  has dark hair and big brown eyes.  She is usually wearing a bright smile.  She is petite and often wears bright clothes that are artsy and colorful.  Holly is a quiet and intuitive girl who has a passion for art.  She loves to draw and convert that talent to the computer in illustrations, and graphics. She takes art in school and plans on being a famous artist. Holly is Daisy’s best friend and supports Daisy’s ideas.  She asks interesting questions and adds art to Daisy’s stories.  She also loves animals and the environment and is always on the lookout for ways that she can help. Holly lives with her mother who is a single mom and works as a nurse at a local hospital.  She is also encouraging Holly to experiment and try new things.  Holly lives down the street from Daisy.





Meet Forrest

Forrest Riddle™  has wavy brown hair and blue eyes. He is thin and smaller than other boys his age. Forrest is a computer wiz.  He loves technology and gadgets.  He began working on computers when heforrest was 5. He is very intelligent and enjoys playing “what it” games with Daisy.  He puts the technology together with Daisy’s ideas.  He also likes creating video games. Forrest was brought up with the latest gadgets, top of the line computers, the fastest technology and the freedom to try new things. He also started fixing people’s computers in his neighborhood and now does that to make extra money. Both of Forrest’s parents are involved with computers and technology.  His father is a software developer and his mother is a programmer with an internet company. He is an only child with no brothers or sisters.



Meet Page

Page Plum™  ispage an attractive African-American girl.  She has short dark hair and bright eyes. Page is a mix of drama, school reporter and Tom Boy.  She would rather hang out with her friends than go home.  She admires Daisy’s ideas and creativity and Daisy’s adventures give Page an outlet for her creativity. Page plays sports with Cooper and Cross, particularly softball. She is part of the debate club at school, she is involved in school plays, she writes for the school newspaper and is always looking for a story. She lives with her dad and three older brothers.  Her mom died when she was young.  Her father and brothers are always busy doing something, especially sports and her dad works a lot.







Meet Cross

Cross Archer™ is athletic but she is also focused on her studies.  She is adventurous and outgoing.  Her passion is tennis and she is usually wearing some type of tennis outfit that her mother made her.  She plays on the amateur tennis circuit and is ranked in the top 50 in the nation for her division.  She travels a lot for tennis but still gets great grades. Cross is a good listener, she is motivated and has high energy.  She is always on the go.  She is involved with the fundraisers that many of the tennis tournaments help with, and Cross is focused on reading literacy and feeding the hungry. Cross’s father is her tennis coach and her mother is her biggest fan.  She is a stay at home mom. Cross is the middle child of three girls.  She has an older sister that is 15 and a younger sister that is 3 years old.