Just like when you and your family set off on a vacation to a new destination or try a new sport or a new recipe for dinner, you want to be prepared in advance so you know what supplies you will need and what to expect. No one likes to get to a new adventure and feel totally unprepared! Research is the golden ticket when it comes to sweet success in your business.

Here are a few important questions to think about as you are getting started:

  1. Are there other people who have developed a similar project? If so, what can be learned from what they accomplished already? If not, why not?
  2. What types of resources, equipment, help, and money will I really need to get people to begin to notice my idea and want to get involved in it?
  3. Will people understand my business when I describe it to them or will they need to watch a video or see my invention in order to understand it? How can I show it to them?