Website Gives Needy Kids Happy Birthday

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.54.54 AMI was browsing some of my favorite tech blogs this weekend and I saw an article that really grabbed my attention. You know how some kids aren’t able to afford nice birthday gifts? Well, a few students from the University of North Carolina decided to team up and do something about it!

They created a website called CommuniGift, which helps make sure every child has an awesome birthday. Parents who can’t buy their kids birthday presents can upload their children’s wish list to the site. Once it’s there, they can be matched up with a donor family who has the same birthday. When the donor family sends out birthday invitations, they include a link to the wish list for the child in need. They call them “Birthday Buddies”. The birthday guests work with the donor family and Communigift to get those gifts to their “Birthday Buddy”. Can you imagine the smiles on their faces?

I’m really glad there are kids out there who are willing to use their own birthday parties as an opportunity to make sure another child has a great one! It’s inspiring.
This started out as a holiday season related project, but when they saw how many lives they were improving they decided to expand to birthdays so they could do this all year round! They’ve even partnered with some companies like Target, the Salvation Army and the Boys and Girls Club.

Daisy, this sounds like a cool idea. We should definitely talk to the gang about having getting our own “Birthday Buddies”


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