The Walking Talking Shop

I wanted to share this article about Nathan John-Baptiste, a 15 year old London student who made a living by selling candy and soda out of the boy’s bathroom at his school.

What started out as a project that made him money, turned into a full-fledged business that spanned across three different schools.

He sold all of his products to his peers at a discounted rate.  A candy bar that would normally cost a dollar was sold for half the price at Nathan’s Walking Talking Shop.

Nathan would publish a menu of the sweets and the prices on Snapchat every day.  Then, after taking order from students, he would sell the items during lunch time.

He recruited 11 of his friends as “employees” and soon Nathan was bringing in $300 dollars a day, roughly $56,000 a year.

Known as the “Wolf of Walthamstow,” the school found out about his business and told him to shut it down.  

Rather than being upset, he said in the article that he has several thousand dollars saved for his next venture. He would like to be a stock broker and put his money into property. His plan is to become a millionaire.

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