Tom Colicchio’s Builds Better School Lunches

As you all know, not only do I love sports, I also love cooking and when I am not watching football games, or the World Series, I am watching cooking shows.  

One of my favorite shows is Top Chef, and Tom Colicchio is one of the judges of Top Chef.  I found an older copy of my mom’s Food and Wine magazine and there was an article in there about Tom’s tips for Building Better School lunches.  It was an August issue and it was talked about how parents were gearing back up for packing their kids school lunch.

Colicchio explains that the key to keeping school lunches fresh and interesting is to just figure out what your kids like to eat and run with that.  “I make lunch for my kids every morning.  My kids are fans of tuna fish, so I try to update it by getting rid of the heavy mayonnaise and adding some red onions, capers and olives.”

The article also talked about how Tom is judging a contest called America’s Better Sandwich, where families can enter their sandwich recipe for a chance to win up to $25,000.  And for EVERY submission, Arnold Premium Breads will donate one loaf of bread to Feeding America.  What a great partnership where everyone wins!!

Colicchio explains that the contest is a great opportunity for kids to get involved in the kitchen!

I thought it was a great idea and when I went to check out the contest, I found that it ended on October 26th and they were going to announce the winners on November 3rd.  

I will have to remember that for next year!   


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