Teen Installs Free Sunscreen Dispensers This Summer

Lynly Brennan, a 16 year old, first got the idea to install free sunscreen dispensers at public pools when she was researching tanning beds for a school project.  

According to what she found, people who consistently wear 30 SPF sunblock are 80% less likely to get skin cancer as those who don’t.  And, she found that the city of Boston installed free sunscreen dispensers at all of their public pools in order to combat that danger.

So Lynly decided to try and do the same thing for St.Louis, Missouri.

She sent out 43 letters to pool patrons, dermatologists, doctors, health care professional and city representatives who she thought might be interested in her idea and it turns out that they were very interested.

Lynly managed to raise $1,600 for the free sunscreen dispensers to be installed at the county’s  5 public pools.  She hopes that by having the sunscreen available for free, pool visitors will be more likely to use it


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