V2-160509923.jpg&maxw=600&q=100&cb=20160603003127&cci_ts=20160504124927A startup video game company in Chicago is bringing their new educational game to their local YMCA’s! The developers over at Galvanize Labs have made a game called “Taken Change”. The players take control of a character and try to save a dog, but the game has a hidden agenda; it teaches the players about how computers work. Everything from hardware and online conduct is covered.

“This is the on ramp to everything else”, said Galvanize CEO Moira Hardek.

I got curious about Herdek so I decided to Google her. It turns out she once worked at the education department within Best Buy’s Geek Squad. She then decided to leave and try to start her own company. It wasn’t easy but she and her seven employees are now making and marketing a series of educational games.

The deal Galvanize Labs struck with the YMCA will put the games in their centers and expose them to so many kids. They’ll be able to learn computer programming in a nice safe environment. This was a great idea and a nice example of utilizing your community for mutual benefits!

I’ll definitely be following Galvanize Labs to see what they come up with next!


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