7585452-3x2-460x307I don’t know about all of you, but I’m exhausted. I’ve been outside all day playing the mobile app “Pokemon Go”. It’s a phone game which actually encourages you to exercise. You walk around and use your phones GPS to catch various Pokemon. According to a recent ABC report, the game has more active users than Twitter. That’s crazy, but I can believe it! Reports say that kids who don’t usually go outside are getting more exercise than ever.

I had a talk with my parents and decided to share some safety tips for the game.

If you’re walking long distances, go with a group of friends. You don’t want to be alone if there’s an emergency!
Lots of people have been making new friends playing this game, but the same rules for strangers apply…don’t talk to strangers! Just because someone has the app doesn’t mean they could be trusted.

If you’re going without your parents, make sure they know where you are going. Discuss a plan or a pre-approved walking area with them. Stick to that plan! And just like I said in rule 1, the buddy system is essential!

Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t look down at your phone the whole time! You may accidentally step into a hole or trip over something. No game is worth getting hurt.

When traveling, stick to sidewalks when you can. Don’t walk in the street.

Pack plenty of water! It gets hot during the summer. Staying out in the sun without drinking water can give you heat exhaustion!

Sometimes Pokemon will spawn in buildings or weird places. Don’t go anywhere you normally wouldn’t go.
Unless you have an adult with you, stick your exploring to daytime hours.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and I’d be heartbroken if I read about another kid who was hurt playing this game. Keep these rules in mind and you should have a great time. Basil and I are going to do some laps around the park after we finish our next set of chores. Happy Pokemon hunting everyone!


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