10 Year Old Cleans Up Coastline

PageHere is another great story for Earth Day!  Lilly Platt, 10 years old, traveled more than 600 miles from Holland to the Norwegian Coast so she could help with the massive beach cleanup and plastic waste conference.

Along with her mother and grandfather, she joined volunteers and the “Plastic Whale Coastal Clean Up” on April 25th on the Norwegian Island of Sotra.

The event took place in memory of a Cuvier’s beaked whale that died on the Norwegian coast last year with its stomach full of more than 30 plastic bags.

Lilly said, “I started picking up rubbish after seeing the effect that it had on the wildlife and that every piece I picked up, was one less piece that could harm a living creature.”

Having been involved in many plastic pick-ups in the last couple of years, Lilly has been chosen as a Youth Ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition and a Child Ambassador for HOW Global.

I love to see everyone doing their part!

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