NFL Players Showoff ‘My Cause, My Cleats’

As you all know I am a big football fan and every Sunday my dad and I are watching the games.  This past weekend wasn’t any different.  

What was different was that many of the football players were wearing these really cool cleats as they honored charities that they are supporting.

In 2016 the NFL started a program called My Cause, My Cleats, for which players were invited to wear custom cleats for one week of the season in support of a charity that is meaningful to them.  

When I went online to learn more I saw several websites were sharing stories about the athlete and why they chose that particular charity, or why they started their own.  It was said that more than 500 players were planning to show off their causes on the field during games this past weekend and many had worked directly with Nike, Under Armour and Adidas to design their cleats.

Some teams, including the New York Giants and the Houston Texans, worked with an independent customizer to design cleats for players, on the team who chose to participate in the campaign.

In addition to the NFL players having their Cause highlighted on their cleats, their stories are also showcased on the NFL’s website, in partnership with The Players Tribune, and Players  have the opportunity to raise money for their cause by auctioning their cleats off at NFL Auction.

Through this auction, 100% of the funds raised for the sale of their cleats will be donated to charities selected by the players.

What a great program!!


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