MasterChef Junior Season Premiere

MasterChef JuniorIt’s my favorite time of the year… of course it’s football season, the NBA season just started last week, it’s Fall, which I love and it’s Halloween time. But I’ve got another reason.

One of my favorite TV shows is starting its fourth season: MasterChef Junior, the cooking show for kids that started in 2013. The season premiere will get underway on Friday (Nov. 6) night at 8:00 pm, and I can’t wait. One lucky kid on the show, between the ages of 8 and 13 years old, wins $100,000, a super cool trophy and the title of MasterChef Junior.

The thing I really love about the show is how much the kids want to win but at the same time, they support each other and root for one another. If one of the competitors makes a mistake or has trouble, the others always seem to worry about that person, wish them the best or try to help them when the competition allows. I love their awesome sportsmanship and I’m really inspired by how creative they can be.

I remember watching last season and seeing the kids come up with some totally unexpected dishes, and how excited they were to wear their new white aprons with their names and the MasterChef Junior logo.

Thousands of aspiring young chefs try out for the show but this season, 24 finalists will get their shot to impress the judges: Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and new for this season, Christina Tosi replaces Joe Bastianich who was on the first three seasons of the show.

You can meet this season’s contestants here, including the two youngest competitors, Ian and Kya who are both 8. There are also three kids from the same city, Philadelphia, Pa., in the competition. Check it out:


Last season’s winner was 12-year-old Nathan Odom from San Diego, Calif. who beat out Andrew Zappley from West Deptford, N.J. in the Season 3 finale and I hope this season is just as exciting.

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