Mallory Kievman, Founder of Hiccupops

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.42.49 PMHere is a great story of a 7th grader, Mallory Kievman, who suffered regular bouts of hiccups and refused to accept that there was nothing she could do!

I have gotten hiccups lots of times and they are so annoying!

Mallory decided to research both the physiology of hiccups and the remedies that have been passed down. She spent hundreds of hours and identified 3 ingredients and approaches that worked to soothe her hiccups; apple cider vinegar, sugar and sucking on a lollypop.

Then she combined all 3 and created her invention called the “Hiccupop.”

Mallory patented her invention. Doctors and nurses at top research institutes have expressed interest in Hiccupops.

Now a junior in High School, Hiccupops is on the brink of getting out to the public and are produced at a facility in Texas.

Mallory has committed a percentage of her profits from Hiccupops to support programs that encourage youth entrepreneurship and innovation.

Way to go Mallory!


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