Little Free Pantries

I loved this story when I read it and was wondering if this was something our group could do?

Jessica McClard, a mom of two teenage daughters grew up in a small farming community in Winger, Arkansas and thinks a lot about people in her community who need help feeding their family.  Winger, Arkansas is considered a “food desert” because the nearest grocery store is 30 miles away.

Although Jessica always had enough to eat, she grew up with the thought that her neighbors might not.  So when she started seeing Little Free Libraries pop up around in her  Fayetteville, Arkansas neighborhood, encouraging neighbors to share books, it gave her an idea to create a similar system.

It inspired her to create Little Free Pantries, small boxes set up in neighborhoods where people can either take what they need or leave something for others who might be having a hard week, a hard month, or hard year.

When she put one on the grounds of her Church, in a neighborhood with some retail and middle class housing, it ended up being a smart place for her to start her project.

Having the Little Free Pantry there made it easy for people to participate in stocking it, which was very important for the project to succeed.

At the end of the school year last year, Jessica and her daughters placed a special Little Free Pantry across the street from an elementary school and filled it with both food and special treats like toys and candy necklaces.  Then they made the school’s parents know it would be there.

Now there are Little Free Pantries all over the country.  Jessica said the Little Free Pantry movement has worked because it has created space for people to be neighbors.  “As much as we need food, we need connection.  Many of us need to give.  We all need one another.”  https://www.today.com/parents/mom-s-little-free-pantries-are-bringing-communities-together-t119455

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