Lemonade Stand for Homes

Cooper, I went onto the Habitat for Humanity website after I read your article and I was interested in reading about 2 brothers, Wyatt and Owen Hanson, who set up a Lemonade Stand to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and they are only 8 and 9 years old.

The boys set up a Lemonade stand in their hometown of Dallas, Texas when they learned that their church had completed 100 houses partnering with Habitat families and had plans to build 200 more houses.

That is Amazing!!

So they felt like they wanted to help. They thought about the kids who don’t have a good home and Owen says, “Wow, they must be sad.” Thinking about those kids made his brother sad too and Wyatt says, “Appreciative that I have a house.”

They set up a lemonade stand with 50 cent donations, but most people gave more when they found out where the money was going. Then the boys asked their parents to post a picture of their stand on social media, and they received even more donations, including one from their aunt in California.

In total they raised almost $200 dollars and were excited to learn that “almost 200 buckaroos” was enough to cover a front door and some windows on a Habitat home.

The boys plan on continuing to raise money and they hope to inspire other kids to do their part to help Habitat families. According to Wyatt, “I want to make other kids feel happy by giving.”


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