Kids Care Packages

Hi Holly! I was watching the news last night and I saw a report that really warmed my heart. It’s about a teenager named Angela Rowe. Like me, she’s a foster child.

She’s seen many other foster kids who have had to leave their homes without a moment’s notice. Sometimes they don’t have any possessions. Leaving your home and entering a new one is hard enough, and Angela wanted to do whatever she could to make things easier.

She and her sister Tay have started a program where they collect care packages from their community and make sure it gets into the hands of foster kids in need. It’s called KIDS CARE PACKAGES and the Rowe sisters will be collecting toys, clothes and more until April.

Once they’re finished, they’ll give them to the Department of Health and Human Services. For Angela, one teddy bear made all the difference in the world during her move to a new home. For me it was meeting Daisy and all our clubhouse friends. Thanks to the Rowe sisters many other foster kids will have something a little extra which make a huge difference.


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