Jon Bon Jovi Creates Soul Kitchen

Farmer-Bobby-JBJ-300x230Most people know Jon Bon Jovi because of his band and his music, especially in New Jersey where he grew up and plays concerts at the Meadowlands every year.

But what I just learned is that the non-profit he created JBJ Soul Kitchen, won an award this summer for the Best Celebrity Owned Restaurant in the 10 Best Readers Choice Travel Award contest.  To make the award even better, his restaurant was the ONLY non-profit community restaurant amongst the 20 nominated.

So I pulled up his restaurant online and discovered that Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ Soul Foundation) opened the Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, NJ in October of 2011 to address issues of food insecurity and had since served over 37,000 meals!

The community kitchen serves nutritious, culinary dishes in a restaurant setting where diners contribute either volunteer hours or a minimum donation of $10.00 for their meals.

What is cool is that their menus have No Prices and you select what you want and make the minimum donation.  But if you can afford to donate more, you are helping to feed your neighbor.  If you are unable to donate money, an hour of volunteering pays for your meal.

Most recently Soul Kitchen reached the goal of 51% of the diners paying and 49% in need.

What a great concept!!


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  • This is so great! I love it when super stars use their influence to help others! Thank you Cooper!


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