Holiday Book Drive

Since you all know how much I love to read, it isn’t a surprise that I was at Barnes and Noble this past weekend buying some Christmas Presents with my mom.

While I was there I saw a sign that Barnes and Noble is having a Holiday Book Drive to donate books to hundreds of charities across the country for those in need.

Of course, my mom and I had to go pick out a few of our favorite kid’s books and drop them into the donation box.

Later I pulled up information about their Annual Event on my iPod and found out that during last year’s Holiday Book Drive, Barnes and Noble donated over 1.6 million books to more than 650 local charities across the country.  This is 100,000 more than the year before.

They even had a few stories of Barnes and Noble stores that had record breaking donations of over 5,000 ~ 2,800 and 2,500 books donated to causes in their areas.

There was even a story of one bookseller in her teens that secured over 600 donations herself to benefit the local children’s hospital.  Each day she came into work with a donation goal in her mind and she exceeded it every time.

Way to go Barnes and Noble ~ Happy Holidays.



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