Habitat for Humanity

I just read about an article about 10 year old J.Z. Moehlenbrock who wanted to support his local Habitat for Humanity after learning that his hero, Clemson University quarterback Deshaun Watson, grew up in a Habitat house and has built homes with his fellow Tigers players for other families.

Deshaun Watson was one of the players that I was watching during the 2017 draft. He got picked up by the Houston Texans and will be competing for quarterback playing position on the field this fall.

In J.Z.’s home, he and his siblings ask their friends for charitable donations instead of birthday presents, when their birthday comes around, because they get plenty of gifts from relatives.

So on his birthday he handed Fort Hood Habitat $80 and was thrilled to discover that it was enough money to cover 2 windows in a new home. Although he was upset to learn that he wasn’t old enough to work on a construction site, like the college football players were.

But he decided to post his donation on Facebook and Fort Hood Habitat watched J.Z’s donation grow to $138.00

J.Z. was so excited to see his donation grow he said, “It felt great and makes you feel better about yourself. I had such a boost of confidence after that.”

But Fort Hood Habitat wanted to do more and they helped arrange a tour of Clemson and J.Z. got to meet Watson in person. “My jaw dropped to the floor,” J.Z. said, Watson’s teammates also high-fived him for his efforts.


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