#Gifts for Good

Cross, I read your blog post and I wanted to share a cool thing with you that’s going on to help shoppers find holiday gifts that benefit others.

There is a Hashtag Campaign called #GiftsforGood.

By using #GiftsforGood, non-profit organizations can promote their holiday gift programs or regular shoppers for friends and family can purchase gifts from retailers that will donate a percentage of their proceeds to a good cause.

And do-gooders, like you, can post a picture of Barnes and Noble with the hashtag #GiftsforGood and talk about the Book Drive.

This article that I read on Nonprofit Tech for Good said that 63% of people are more likely to shop from a store that will donate a percentage of their proceeds to a cause.

Check out a whole lot of images for #GiftsforGood on Instagram.

Happy Holidays


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