For Students Who Love Animals

kid-bunnyAs you all know, I love animals and am always trying to volunteer at our local Animal Shelter, to give love to all those dogs that need homes.

Most animal shelters and rescues need blankets, toys and other supplies to care for all the animals they look after. One way that kids can help is to organize a drive to provide these supplies to a local shelter.

Here are a few other ideas to help if you are interested in making a difference.

  1. Host a Party with a Purpose – through Party Animals online tools.
  2. Read to Cats and Dogs – some shelters have reading programs where the animals get affection and attention and students get to practice reading out loud.
  3. Organize a Walk–a-thon with your friends to raise money.
  4. Holiday Gift Drive – organize a gift drive by asking friends to donate a pet toy. This can also be a school wide program.
  5. Donate to Pet Food Bank – instead of a canned food drive for a food bank, why not try a Pet Food drive with bags of dry food or cans of wet food. Have a goal of how many cans or bags of food you want to donate.

Good Luck with whatever project you choose to help!



Written by Holly Berry


Holly Berry™ is a quiet and intelligent girl who has a passion for art. She loves to draw and to convert that talent to the computer in illustrations, graphics and websites. She takes art in school and plans on being a famous artist. She usually wears bright clothes that are unique and reflect her artsy personality.

Holly is Daisy’s best friend, and allows Daisy to run the show, although she will make intelligent points and asks questions when adventures are being put together. She likes creating characters for stories that Daisy writes and can often be found drawing at the clubhouse.

Holly feels strongly about her environment – she is an advocate for environment protection issues, green solutions and the prevention of animal abuse. She also gets upset when she hears about funding being cut for arts programs in schools.

Holly lives with her mother who single and works as a nurse at the local hospital. Her dad is not involved in her life. She has a much older brother, Bruce who is in high school. They live down the street from Daisy.

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