Finding Homes for Lost Animals

My mom just told me about a story I wanted to share.  This is about Hurricane Irma that happened back in September, and how country music singer Kenny Chesney wanted to help the people in the Caribbean Islands.  Or in this case, all the pets that might have lost their people!

He has had a second home in the Virgin Islands for 15 years and after his home was destroyed by the Hurricane, he was more concerned about the people in the area and how he could help.

Kenny said that because the food and water supply was so limited, some people were forced to evacuate and leave everything behind – including their pets.

Country star Kenny Chesney decided to help rescue these stranded animals and reunite them with their family.

He launched Love for Love City to help pets left behind reunite with their families or find them new homes.  As of the beginning of November, he had already flown more than 100 animals to the U.S. and finding a home for them is a priority.

“If you’ve ever loved a dog or cat, the idea of these poor animals who can’t find their people, who are struggling to find food, some of whom need medicine, it breaks your heart,” says Chesney.  “To me, if we can’t find their owners, we can find them Love.  That’s what Love for Love City is all about.”



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