Women in NFL Football

Hey Daisy, since I know what a big football fan you are, I thought you would like to read a blog post about Samantha Rapoport.

Samantha is the Director of Football development for the NFL and her job is to get more women involved in football operations.

Samantha began playing touch football at age 12, while growing up in Ottawa.  By 18, while at college, she was the quarterback and captain of a women’s tackle football team called the Montreal Blitz.

She said, “I would love girls growing up to believe that if they love the sport as much as I do, they can be a part of it.”

While 33% of all front office positions across the NFL are held by women, very few are working in coaching, scouting, being an official and in team operations.

Samantha says, “What we’re trying to accomplish is to flood the football operations pipeline with qualified women in all areas of football.”

In 2015, the NFL hired its first official, Sarah Thomas, and Jen Welter became the first woman to join an NFL coaching staff as an assistant in the Arizona Cardinals training camp.  In 2016 the Buffalo Bills hired Kathryn Smith as quality control coach for special teams, becoming the NFL’s first full-time female coach.  In 2017, the 49ers hired Katie Sowers as an assistant wide receivers coach.

It looks like women are breaking into the National Football League.

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