Boy Raises Money to Buy Bags for Foster Kids

cowboyHey Daisy, do you remember my blog post about Jaydn Moriarty of Austin, Texas, who gave up his birthday presents to help kids at his school? Here is another story about a kid who uses his birthday to do great things.

Just before Dryver Cowart, also of Texas, turned eight years old, his parents decided to foster an 11-month old baby. When Dryver learned that many foster kids have few things of their own, he wanted to help.

One thing that foster kids often need is a bag for their few possessions. Many kids carry things from house to house in a garbage bag. For Dryver’s birthday, he asked people to donate $25 so that he could purchase a duffel bag, and some things that foster kids often need.

At his birthday party, he and his friends decorated the duffle bags, and filled them with a blanket, stuffed animal, toiletries and other items for local foster children. His goal was to raise $500 for 20 duffel bags.

At press time, Dryver had raised over $2000! And, most importantly, Dryver has raised awareness about kids in foster care. What a great way to have fun, feel good, and help others at the same time! You could have this kind of party any time, not just for your birthday.

You can read more about Dryver’s duffel bags here: http://kmoo.com/news.html?id=5625

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