Stopping Future Hurricanes

BasilWe can all remember what happened during hurricane season last year in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico.

I just read a story about how Norwegian Scientists believe that they may be able to use existing technology to stop hurricanes in their tracks.

Hurricanes form when the temperature of the ocean’s surface reaches 79.7 degrees.  If humans could cool off the temperature of the sea whenever a hurricane was brewing, they could, in theory, stop the storm from forming.

Grim Eidnes, Senior Researcher Scientist at SINTEF Ocean says, “Climate change is causing sea surface temperatures to increase.”

They want to use “bubble curtains” to prevent storms from forming.  A bubble curtain is a flurry of air bubbles that are released from pipes planted in the ocean.  If planted in tropical waters, the bubbles would be released in deeper waters so by the time they reach the surface they would be cold enough to lower the temperature of the shallow waters.

Last spring, the bubble curtain project was granted funding from Innovation Norway in order to carry out preliminary studies.  They are hoping the studies are successful to be able to set them up in high-risk areas of the ocean.

That would be Awesome if we could stop Hurricanes in their tracks!!

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