Asia Newson is ‘Super Business Girl’

At 5 years old, Asia Newson watched her dad sell candles door to door in Detroit. She decided she wanted to do the same.

They would buy candles for $1.00 from a wholesale distributor and sell them for $10.00. She said people didn’t care because she was little and cute so they would buy them from her.

Asia’s sales pitch was, “Hi, I’m Asia Newson and I’m known as Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur.

Eight years later, Asia is now 13 and she is producing her own candles and projecting that her company will earn $100,000 in 2017. Last year, in 2016, she projected $70,000 and made $69,128.30)

More importantly she has also trained 40 young kids in Detroit how to be entrepreneurs.

Asia has created her business, Super Business Girl, as co-founder and CEO, it now also involves a training model for kids teaching them how to be entrepreneurs and make money for themselves.

With the proceeds from the sales, Asia buys clothes and food for needy children, as well as her own school and business supplies.

Asia runs the business with her parents. Her mom is the President and her father is the Director of Sales. She now operates her business from Bamboo Direct, a business incubator for start-ups and her ultimate dream is to have schools all over the world teaching at risk youth how to become entrepreneurs and empower themselves.


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