App to End School Lunch Hunger

So awhile back I wrote about a 12 year old girl who had created the first ever app specifically towards seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, called the Timeless app.

Well, that same girl, Emma Yang, now in high school, has joined forces with Alyssa Kapasi, Fiona Xu, Ivy Mao and Gabriella Rich – called themselves Team Fig with their goal of Solving Hunger in their Communities.

Their first project is to help Alyssa Kapasi, 17 years old, who came up with the idea of the Food For Thought app,

Alyssa first got the idea for the app when she was volunteering for nonprofit that paired tutors with children who could not afford them.  Originally, she says that she was bewildered as to why the volunteers kept bringing food for the kids.

Alyssa explained, “At the first meeting I noticed that the organization was providing sandwiches for all the children and I was initially confused because I assumed that these kids had just eaten lunch and in an hour or two were going to be getting dinner.”

But the volunteers explained that many of the children didn’t have families who could afford school lunches and could not afford to feed them at home, either.

She had never thought about how school children living next door to her might be going hungry every day and that is why she is helping to create an app that will ensure every child in American can have access to a full meal.

Food For Thought app was developed as an easy way for parents to pay for their children’s school lunch meals, as well as meals for another anonymous hungry student.

Alyssa believes that the app’s simple pay-it-forward model will make parents and individuals more likely to donate a couple of bucks towards other hungry kids in their community.

Sounds like an awesome idea!!  Way to go girls.


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