8 year old Raises Money for Best Friend’s Wheelchair

Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan are 8 years old and have been inseparable best friends since kindergarten.

Kamden Houshan has been in a wheelchair since he was born with a massive tumor in his spine.  Though the doctors were able to remove the tumor, the surgery left him paralyzed.

His wheelchair was so heavy and bulky he had a hard time getting through normal doorways and it couldn’t even fit through his bathroom door.  Kamden’s mother had to carry him, causing difficulties for both of them.

Last year Kamden was able to try out a lighter wheelchair and was amazed at how much of a positive difference it made in his life.  But their insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of another wheelchair for a few years.

So Paul decided he was going to do something.

He had learned about GoFundMe by watching YouTube videos and asked his parents if he could start a fundraising campaign for his friend Kamden.

In a matter of weeks, Kamden’s page had raised $5,500, which was about $2,000 more than their goal.  

“Paul and Kamden are all smiles now knowing that Kamden is getting what he needs,” wrote Paul’s mother.


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