8 Year Old Developer Impressed Microsoft CEO

I came across this article from last year about Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, who went on a business trip to India and met an 8 year old boy named Medansh Mehta who is a developer.

Supposedly the CEO is not easily impressed, but he was impressed with Medansh, who designed an app named “Let there be Light.”

When he met with student developers from Mumbai at an event, he was impressed by the 8 year old Indian game developer who shared how his app can help with creating a sustainable environment.

In the game the players need to build farms and factories to collect points while creating a new city, but they also need to focus on the environment and pollution.

It sounds like a cool game! And you know I am really into Video Games.

Medansh even asked the CEO questions about how to become the next Microsoft CEO. And Nadella replied, “You are already ambitions beyond being the next CEO.”

How This 8-Year-Old Developer Impressed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

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