7th Grade Girl Pushed for Flag Football

Page, I thought you would be interested in this story, as you are always looking for topics to debate.  This was definitely a topic to be debated and Aubrey Raile did her research, after she was told that she couldn’t try out for the flag football team in Middle School last year because it was “boys only.”

Last year in 6th grade, Aubrey played flag football during PE class and found that her speed made her an excellent pass rusher and she enjoyed other parts of flag football like passing, catching, dodging tacklers and pulling flags. 

“As soon as I played, I found enjoyment in the sport and wanted to play for my school,” Aubrey said.

When the middle school flag football season started last March; however, she was told she couldn’t try out for the Jaguars team, and Aubrey didn’t think that was fair.

She marched right into the library and started reading about the rules and specifically a federal law that ensures that no one can be excluded from participation in any school program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

Supported by several other fellow sixth-graders she talked to the school district.  Her mom said that they tried to dissuade Aubrey from trying out, saying that their rules overrode the state rules, although the county athletic office denies every saying that.

Aubrey was determined to try out and show up with a stack of books to argue her case.  An hour before the tryouts her mom, Christy said, she was told Aubrey could trade those books for cleats and try out for the boy’s team.

She competed that day with roughly 75 boys, many of whom came up to her at tryouts and offered encouragement.  Aubrey scored a touchdown during tryouts, produced several first downs and pulled four flags.    The boys even started chanting Aubrey’s name as she walked off the field.  

Benito Middle School decided to create a sixth grade team for those who didn’t make the team and Aubrey played on it.  

Starting this year, for the first time ever, middle school girls in Hillsborough Country can play flag football and middle school boys can play volleyball.

Way to go Aubrey!


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