2 Brothers Have Developed 11 Mobile Apps

Hey guys, you all know how I’ve been working on developing a couple of games as downloadable apps, well I just read about two brothers, Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran who are the youngest Mobile App Programmers in India and one of them is the youngest in the world!

The two boys have been running their own company, GoDimensions, since 2012. They have already developed over 11 apps and also released a couple of Windows apps. Sanjay said, “We code our apps and learnt by getting a lot of books, reading them thoroughly and trying and solve all the problems in the books.”

For the Kumaran’s the only cost in their venture is to buy gadgets and that is where their father steps in. “We are a dad-funded company, which means we do not go to a VC to pitch our ideas, but instead approach out dad. He in turn accepts our ideas and buys the gadgets,” says Shavran. They added that their father, Kumaran Surendran, is the Associate Vice President of Cognizant Technology Solutions, and has been a huge pillar of support.

The brothers have also created their own Virtual Reality device and named it GoVR. “Using our headset, you can place your phone and experience virtual reality. There are a couple of other products in the market, but they are really expensive,” says Sanjay.

Several of the apps that they have created are called Catch me Cop, Alphabets Board, Prayer Planet, Car Racing, Super Hero Jetpack, Color Palette and an emergency dialer for elders and young kids called Emergency Booth.

Way to go!


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