16-Year-Old Sneaker Reseller

Daisy, I thought you would be interested in this article about Benjamin “Kickz” Kapelushnik, who is 16 years old and is known as “The Sneaker Don.”

You have probably not heard about “sneakerheads” because I think it is a boy thing. But they are people who are crazy about sneakers, and are not even just buying cool Jordan or LeBron sneakers to wear, which are created after professional basketball players, but there are also people who are sneaker collectors.

It says in this article that sneakerheads spent upwards of $1 billion dollars on limited releases sneakers. Some people even camped out in lines in front of stores hours or even days ahead of new releases of sneakers.

This is where Benjamin comes in. He has gained a reputation as one of the top resellers in the country, and he is just a kid. He deals with high end sneakers and Instagramming with professional athletes and rappers. He also sells sneakers on his website with an inventory of close to 5,000 pairs.

Benjamin says that when everyone in his middle school in Miami, Florida started getting into sneakers in seventh or eighth grade, he didn’t understand the hype. Eventually his mom bought him a pair of Nike LeBron 9 “Galaxies” and a classmate offered to buy them off him. So he asked his mom to buy him another pair and he sold them both, using the cash to buy more sneakers!

“Then I started to catch on to it,” he says. “I started to buy the cool sneakers – they were kid’s sizes, but I was a kids size. And then all of sudden I started selling them. I would camp out with my friends for the Nike Skateboarding sneaker releases in eighth grade. Then I would pay people to camp out for me in ninth grade.”

Soon he was selling them online. He then built connections with footwear stores and online retailers which allowed him to get the most sought-after pairs in bulk.

“And people started – mainly rappers started – hitting me up on Instagram and I got promotions from them and then it started blowing up.”

The high school senior now has 4 full time employees and a business that makes as much as thousands of dollars per day. He plans on going off to college and says, “I want to do business and marketing, and I think I could grow a lot more by learning that in college.”

Very cool!


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